Point & Shoot quality's DSLR picture

Many people going for DSLR these days as the price is getting cheaper and DSLR has capabilities of taking good quality pictures PROVIDED that the user knows how to handle it. But I have seen many who bought dslr just the sake of dlsr. And their quality of pictures are just sucks, worst than picture taken with point and shoot camera.

Especially those so called blogger – but in actual life are just those cam whore, which means those snaps anything they can find. I bet they don’t even have the idea of what is aperture, focal length and etc.

One seen obviously is nicolekiss, who would want to take the poorly taken pictures with ‘eos400d’ to make it as wallpaper? No artistic quality and poorly taken. LOL.

Please look at the example of the picture she ‘snapped’. Even our old disposable camera can produce better result….you judge yourself.

The picture is a bit retarding though, like her. LOL

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